The three-part documentary KERWIN looks back at the tragic death of 15-year-old Antillean boy Kerwin, who was stabbed to death in the streets of Amsterdam by a young skinhead on the night of August 20-21, 1983. Kerwin Duinmeijer, whose real name is Kerwin Lucas, unwittingly became the icon of racist violence as a result. The series is a detailed reconstruction of a gruesome murder and the gigantic impact of his death on many, including Kerwin’s younger brother Purly Lucas and foster sister Nicoline Duinmeijer.

The friendship of two teenagers, the murder, the media storm, racism, the fierce protests and the trial. After 40 years, Kerwin’s story is still an urgent one.

The three-part documentary series ‘KERWIN‘ can be seen on NPO Start from December 12, 2023 and is produced by Skyhigh TV in co-production with Tulsa Studios for NTR.